Recommendations and Testimonials

During Pauls career he has amassed a wealth of contacts, friends, advisors and influencers. He has great respect for specific individuals that he has had the pleasure of working or being associated with and some of those have been kind enough to make the following recommendations:

Jill Beeson

Norman Broadbent

“I have know Paul for a number of years and seen him successfully progress his career through the Industry to Operations Director where he has had a great track record. As a candidate he was always a pleasure to work with, highly professional and we were very happy to represent him and would be again in the future if required”

Julian Sargeson

Fouder & Director of Serve Legal

“Paul is a high performing operator who get’s great results and leads a dynamic high performing team, he is one of the best that I have worked with.”

Lee Jefferson

Director Novamatic

“Some people are born with vision and drive to succeed, Paul is one of these individuals. With a forward thinking and progressive outlook, Paul has lead strategic direction at the highest level and achieved results along the way. He will add value to any forward thinking and dynamic organisation”

Ann Elliot

CEO – Elliots

“I have had very positive experiences of working with Paul - he was supportive of suggestions and recommendations we made and implemented those we agreed quickly and thoroughly from an ops perspective. He delivered results and was easy to work with”

Neale Deeley

Director Sporttrader

“I would highly recommend Paul to any organisation who is looking for an intelligent, motivated and capable person. He is one of the few people I've worked with who instinctively understand the issues that businesses face and are then capable of making things happen to get results”

MBC are happy to have agreed to complete project consultancy work with their main clients Payment Sense who are shaking things up. The brief is to help PaymentSense produce a product and service that will be appealing to the leisure and hospitality sectors, gain the co-operation of some great operators, produce a high level awareness campaign and therefore gain market share. The objective is to shake the market up and put an end to the high cost and poor service the banks and major suppliers currently get away with.

Any small business taking/needing to take credit card payments can benefit from the end product.

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